6 Best WordPress Templates of the Last Few Years

There are many choices you have available when it comes to choosing a WordPress template. However, some of the most popular WordPress themes have continued to remain popular for many years. And they are popular because they are packed with many features and are constantly updated to the changing web. So before you go ahead to choose your WordPress hosting and install a random theme, here are some of the best WordPress templates/themes to look at.

1. Divi

Divi is a WordPress site theme and builder that has been on the market for years. Divi has remained popular because it offers many features like inline editing, hundreds of templates, 18 preset layouts and over 40 elements. It offers many options and is very flexible compared to other themes. However, that also makes it a theme and builder that is very hard to learn for beginners.

Sometimes less is more. Divi is usually a good choice for professional designers and developers due to all the possibilities it offers. However, website owners that have recently set up their domain and WordPress hosting may not benefit from such a complex platform. This is especially the case if the user is looking to build something simple that also looks great. Despite that, Divi is still one of the best themes in the market and is a great choice for intermediate and expert designers.

2. Avada

Avada has been a top selling theme in ThemeForest for several years now and has amassed over 380,000 users. What distinguishes it from other themes/templates is that it makes it super easy to add elements and start designing your site one component at a time. It’s important to mention that Avada is a multi-purpose theme, making it perfect for eCommerce sites, blogs, content sites, community sites, and more.

It is packed with features like the built-in responsive designer, visual page builder, shortcode generator, menu builder, pre-built sliders, and more. It also allows you to control the technical aspects of your site like optimizing your site for speed, optimizing your site for SEO, and auto version updater. The theme comes with many pre-built demos which are already built templates that you can use. Best of all, the creators offer great support which is hard to find in many themes nowadays.

3. Enfold

Enfold is another popular WordPress theme that’s been around for several years. Like Avada, it is a multi-purpose theme. This makes it handy for website owners that plan on building different types of sites. As with other themes, it is a builder that uses a drag and drop foundation. Many say it has one of the best drag and drop UI of all the popular themes out there. This makes it very beginner friendly and perfect for those that have little technical knowledge for building a website.

Enfold offers a lot of options as well. You can create more than 100 pages, use over 20 skins, and a large amount of elements. Enfold also comes with many different types of layer sliders, video players/sliders, sidebar options, and typography options. It’s hard to go into all the little things that you’ll find in Enfold. It’s a great theme for both beginners who want something simple and pros that want a lot of versatility.

4. The7

The7 is another great theme/builder that can be found on ThemeForest. One of the more interesting things about The7 is that it comes with three fundamental design styles (not to be confused with templates). These styles are minimalist, material and iOS 7. These styles have been quite popular in the world of web design for many years, so you’ll appreciate the fact that you can use a modern design without all the work. Each style also comes with 20 templates (various layouts and colors) so that you can really get a unique structure for your site.

The7 comes with many bundled plugins like Visual Composers, Revolution Slider and Responsive Pricing/Compare Tables which makes it a great value. Other features you’ll find include a grid layout builder, translation ready functions, over 600 Google fonts, web buttons, and a portfolio manager. It does tend to be lacking in features compared to the previous premium themes/builders in the list. However, it’s still a solid theme and a great choice if you like the styles and templates that are offered.

5. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of the highest rated WordPress template/builders that’s been around for many years. It’s a frontend builder that comes with many different templates that look professionally designed. One of the best aspects of Beaver Builder is that it works with unlimited sites unlike some of the other ones in the market that charge you based on the number of sites you’ll be using it with. It also works with any theme, making it very flexible.

It is incredibly beginner friendly but also loved by professionals. You’ll be able to set up multiple elements, layouts, and more. Its weakness is that it is missing some of the features in other themes/builders like portfolio managers, gradient effects, and different types of sliders. However, there are third party add-ons due to the popularity of this builder. Another big selling point is the large community and outstanding support you get.

6. Elementor

Elementor is another great theme/builder that’s been on the market for many years. Elementor has over 800,000 users which makes it one of the most popular theme/builder in the industry. The big selling point of Elementor is that there is a basic version that is free and perfect for beginners. If you decide that you like the free version, you can upgrade to the pro to open up the theme/builder for more features.

Some of the best features of Elementor include many different types of widgets, revision history, open source builder, vast number of styling options, and a large number of elements. One thing that many customers appreciate is the incredibly clean and intuitive UI. This makes it an attractive option for beginners. Like Beaver Builder it has a large community, making it easy to learn and get your questions answered.

That’s a quick rundown of some of the best themes/templates/builders in the last few years. These products have stood the test of time because they simply deliver great user experiences, perform up to expectations, and are constantly updated.

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