How To Choose A WordPress Theme For Your Wedding Website

Building a wedding website is something many soon-to-be-married couples want to do right now to celebrate their love. Having a web presence makes it really simple to stay in touch with your guests and you can always have all digital memorabilia on the internet to showcase.

The problem is that most couples do not actually know much about how to design a website. At the same time, when looking at the budget, few ever think about adding the website to the wedding cost list. This is why WordPress is a great option. There are numerous speed optimized themes to choose from and installation is simple. However, in this case we still have a problem in choosing the theme. Here are some themes you do want to take into account so your WordPress theme is perfect to celebrate your wedding.

Paid Versus Free Theme

You will surely be tempted to choose the free WordPress themes but this is not a good idea. The paid options are simply a lot better. At the same time, they are much easier to customize. What few couples realize is that paid WordPress themes designed by professionals are much cheaper than anticipated. You can so easily find one that is $30 to $60. On the whole, if you build the site yourself, you can expect to pay under $100, including the paid theme. This is definitely not too much to spend on such memorabilia.

A Focus On Photographs

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding website stand out is to use a WordPress theme that puts a lot of focus on photographs. During, before and after your wedding you are going to take photos and they will surely be of the highest possible quality. The theme that can showcase them is generally the best one.

You do not only need to go through WordPress themes with a wedding theme. Those that are designed for photographers are also a really good option to take into account. This is because their portfolio sections can be used to showcase photographs in a very good way.


Although with most paid WordPress themes you can change the colors, it is normally a very good idea to choose something that already has the colors you want, those that you will have for the theme of the actual wedding event. That is because changing colors can be too difficult and might require web development knowledge.

As you choose the theme to use for your wedding website, look at the colors. You do not necessarily need something that perfectly matches. However, colors that are similar are always a good idea.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Last but not least, when creating wedding websites many couples start doing the research way too late. Learning how to choose a great WordPress theme does take some time so you do want to have that time. Be sure that you start looking for the theme as soon as you have your wedding date and venue decided.

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