How to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

If you’re planning on using a WordPress template or designing your own, you need to be certain that you’re properly securing it so all of your data will remain safe against hackers. But even though securing any website may seem complicated, especially if you’re new to website design, there are some surprisingly easy ways to keep your WordPress site secure.

WordPress Site Security

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Continue reading to learn more, whether you’re planning on hiring a website design company like Website Design Dubai or you’re going to design your WordPress site yourself.

Choose a Reliable and Secure Hosting Company

The first step involves choosing a secure hosting company that you can trust to host your website for you. Do your research to find a hosting platform that’s truly secure, though, as not all of them are created equal.

To choose the right company, look for one that supports the most recent versions of MySQL and PHP. You also want to go with one that is already optimised to run WordPress and that includes an optimized firewall specifically designed for WordPress.

A company that has intrusive file detection and malware scanning, as well as one that trains its staff members on security issues related to WordPress, will also be a great choice. Great hosting providers will even provide daily backups internally, though you should also be backing up your data on your own too.

Use Secure WordPress Themes

Make sure that whatever WordPress theme you choose to use is coded well and up-to-date if you aren’t going to be hiring a company like Web Design Dubai to design the theme for you from scratch.

How can you be certain that the quality of your theme’s code is good? Use a plugin like Theme-Check. And you can even go a step further and examine the code that’s in any plugins that you’re using by utilizing something like Plugin-Check.

Bear in mind that free themes for WordPress that are downloaded from unknown sources could potentially have malicious code within them. So if you really want to use a free theme, be sure to stick with those found on WordPress.org.

Use Caution with Plugins

As mentioned above, you want to check the code in your plugins. But it’s important to note that you should only use plugins whenever necessary. If you can really do without a plugin’s functionality, just deactivate it and get rid of it.

Always be wary of any plugins that haven’t been updated in the last couple of years because these, in particular, are likely to have holes in their security features that make them more vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Always Download and Install Updates

Whenever an update is available, be sure to install it and use it. This is one of the simplest ways to keep your WordPress website secure, but it’s also one of the easiest ones to forget to implement. Because these updates are designed to introduce features, patch up security holes, and fix bugs, they’re absolutely necessary, so stay on top of when updates are available.

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