17 Free Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a powerful platform used to create striking websites and blogs. WordPress image gallery plugins can be an easy way to add some pizazz to your WordPress site. And if you use a WordPress website, there are plugins that you can use to create your professional image gallery very easily. Below is the most downloaded free image gallery plugins that we have choose directly from the wordpress.org. To make it even easier for you to choose. Each plugin is written by a user and then uploaded for approval and addition to the WordPress plugin gallery.

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1. WP Easy Gallery

WP Easy Gallery is an easy to use WordPress Gallery Plugin.

WP Easy Gallery

2. ReFlex Gallery

ReFlex Gallery is a fully responsive WordPress image gallery plugin that is actually two galleries in one.

ReFlex Gallery

3. GRAND FlAGallery

Try GRAND Flash Album Gallery – powerfull flash & jQuery media content plugin.

GRAND FlAGallery

4. EasyRotator for WordPress – Slider Plugin

EasyRotator for WordPress helps you create beautiful, responsive photo rotators and sliders for your WordPress site in seconds.

EasyRotator for WordPress – Slider Plugin

5. wp Dreamwork Gallery

DreamWork gallery for WordPress is another great extension. This free WordPress gallery works with keyboard shortcuts too.

wp Dreamwork Gallery

6. Slideshow Satellite

The goal of this slideshow is to create beautiful ways of displaying content in ways that suit the content you are providing.

Slideshow Satellite

7. Image Gallery Reloaded

A jQuery based Image Gallery Reloaded plugin replaces the default WordPress gallery.

Image Gallery Reloaded

8. Slideshow Gallery

The slideshow is flexible, all aspects can easily be configured and embedding/hardcoding the slideshow gallery is a breeze.

Slideshow Gallery

9. News-Ticker

A JQuery based News Ticker Displays a sliding or fading list of post titles, rss reeds or comments and excerpts with links to post.


10. Gallery Stacked Slideshow

The stacked styleshow when clicking the current image would revert back to the default image when moving from one image to the next.

Gallery Stacked Slideshow

11. Fancy Header Slider

This is header gallery plugin if you want so fancy look in you header part you can use this one.

Fancy Header Slider

12. SlideDeck 1 Lite Content Slider

Create SlideDecks on your WordPress blogging platform. Manage SlideDeck content and insert them into templates and posts.

SlideDeck 1 Lite Content Slider

13. Photospace Gallery

Photospace takes advantage of the built in gallery features of WordPress.

Photospace Gallery

14. Facebook Page Photo Gallery

Showcase your Facebook Page photos in a fancy gallery that surpasses even Facebook’s.

Facebook Page Photo Gallery

15. WordPress Gallery Plugin

WordPress Gallery Plugin makes it as easy as it could possibly be to create gorgeous sliders for your WordPress powered site.

WordPress Gallery Plugin

16. ShowBox

Any images, photos, pictures from your DropBox Public folder now are accessible to view in sidebar gallery of your blog.


17. Pirobox Extended

Easily add the Pirobox Extended lightbox to all images to your blog.

Pirobox Extended

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