Important Tips to Consider When Starting a WordPress Blog

Are you looking to start your own wordpress blog? We prepared some pointers to consider to ensure that you will cover all the bases before you launch your website. Do not be intimidated as this can be really easy and if you work really hard, this blog can even give you additional source of income.

WordPress is one of the most popular and reliable platforms that you can choose for your website. You can create a free wordpress blog but it is advisable to go for the paid version wherein you can choose and host your own domain.

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Choose a niche for your site – first of all, you should decide the niche of your blog – what’s it about? You can start an e-commerce site, movie review blog, food, travel, healthy tips, sports or you can even go for general type of blog wherein you post anything under the sun. Choosing a specific niche is easier in terms of targeting keywords, ranking in search engines and publishing content. When you have a specific field, you have direction or path to follow.
  2. Choose easy to remember domain name – once you’ve decided the niche, you can start to find and buy a domain name. It is important that the name that you choose is easy to remember and easy to spell. You want users to have easy time typing in your domain name in their address bar in their browser. You should list down options as it can be challenging to find available domain names these days. It is best to mix words to come up with unique domain name. However, try your best to keep it short and simple.
  3. Sign up for web hosting – it is recommendable to choose wordpress hosting since it is easy to manage and set-up. You can choose wordpress hosting from Vodien AU. There are different hosting plans depending on your needs like if you’re planning to host more than one domain or the amount of traffic you expect. This hosting includes features like one-click wordpress wherein you can instantly deploy a wordpress site, DDoS protection that will protect your site against external attacks, 24/7 monitoring, 99.9% uptime guarantee, WP auto updates and many more.
  4. Use appropriate theme and template for your blog – there are ready-made templates and themes that you can download and use for your site. You should choose templates or themes with design appropriate for your niche. If you have extra budget, you can consult freelance web designer to create original template or theme for your website.
  5. Prepare high quality and original contents – before you launch your website, it is best to prepare at least one or two months’ worth of content that you will publish once or twice a week. Make sure that these contents are original and highly relevant to your niche.

Before you can start to monetise your blog, it is important that you make necessary preparations. Follow the tips that we discussed here so you can start your own wordpress blog.

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