Why Business Owners Love WordPress

People who appreciate the power of complex digital solutions as well as the straightforward simplicity of user-friendly technology all agree on one thing: there’s probably no more responsive, efficient and durable content management system than WordPress for building a business website. Company owners who have minimal tech skills love WordPress for its ability to deliver a top-notch site at an amazingly low cost. On the other end of the spectrum, super-users who spend their days singing the praises of the structured data format of JSON logging also appreciate WordPress for its powerful back-end analytical tools and sophisticated applications.

How much do people love WordPress? Let us count the ways. There are dozens of reasons but we’ll just list the top five:

It’s SEO-Ready

Even non-techies can delve into reams of high-level SEO manipulation and planning with WP apps. Some experts say that the term “user-friendly” was almost designed to apply to the way WP allows site owners and bloggers to control their SEO fate. Google likes WP’s SEO setup as well and rewards those who use WordPress with faster indexing on the all-important Google search engine.

It’s a Content Marketing Warrior

For site owners who are heavily into content marketing, WordPress is the far-and-away champion. WP themes are as diverse and expandable as you need them to be, and can be simply and quickly updated every day if that’s what you need. When the holidays roll around, this type of quick maneuvering is of paramount importance for sellers who want to monkey around with product pages and set up special discount codes right on their shopping carts.

The Security Issues Have Been Resolved

One of the big criticisms against WP when it first appeared was lack of security. However, the current WP functionality allows for creation of websites that are almost hack-proof. This is perhaps the prime example of how the WP management team sought out criticism from early users and used the feedback to build a better mousetrap. Some of the WP copycats out there have been sorely lacking in the security area, primarily because they don’t have the financial resources to build a state-of-the-art system like WP.

You Can Switch Designers at the Drop of a Hat

Because WP is so universally used and adaptable, small businesses can change designers and web development personnel without having to start from scratch. WordPress is fast becoming the industry standard for small businesses and individuals who want responsive, easy-to-create, low cost websites that can be put up in a matter of hours.

Everyday Low Prices

What works in the grocery industry works for WordPress. It wasn’t long ago that creating a sophisticated, consumer-friendly website cost a bundle. Design, development, upkeep and maintenance are no longer the budget-busters they used to be. WordPress did for web creation what Henry Ford did for the automobile; now, anyone can build a decent-looking, efficient website for their business for a very low price. One of the secrets to the low cost of all things WordPress is the system’s DIY functionality. Users no longer have to dole out high hourly fees for maintenance and upkeep because they can do it themselves.

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