You Only Need 3 Things to Start a WordPress Store

Want to start a WordPress store and start selling to customers around the globe? It’s easier than you’d think. We’re living in an age where seemingly anyone with a good idea and a little ambition can become a business owner. All you need is a bit of dedication and time, as well as the 3 things that we’re going to mention below. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own digital business lately, but you haven’t been sure whether it’s something that you can really do, this blog could be just the thing you need to encourage you to take a risk and make that final leap into the unknown.

A Small Amount of Funding

A lot of people assume that having a WordPress store means investing a fortune into hosting their site, stocking products, and more. However, that’s actually not always the case. While you do need a web hosting account (we’ll come back to that in a minute), you don’t need much money to get started with WordPress, because the software itself is free to use. Additionally, if you decide to use WordPress with one of the many plugins available for dropshipping, you can eliminate the costs of having to buy and store your own products too. Just a small amount of funding for things like hosting and design help is enough. You could even make this money up by refinancing your student loans to save with a lower rate, eliminate unnecessary spending, or selling a few things that you no longer need.

An Online Presence

To start a WordPress store, you also need an online presence. WordPress helps you with that to some extent, but you still need to buy your domain name and choose a hosting provider as well. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there to explore. What’s more, you can even find some hosts that automatically work with WordPress and can help you to get set up. Make sure that when you’re choosing your domain name, you select something easy to remember. Additionally, try to find something free to use across both your website and social media channels too.


Finally, the last thing you need to run your own WordPress store is dedication. Although the digital world has made it a lot easier to start a business online, it’s worth noting that you’re probably not going to make money immediately. It can take a lot of time and effort for your work to pay off, so you need to make sure that you’re willing to stick with it. Before you jump into your online venture, think about why you’re starting your own business in the first place. Creating a business plan that outlines your goals and motivations can help to inspire you if you ever face any difficult patches when running your company.

If you have all of these 3 things, then running your own WordPress online store could be a lot easier and more affordable than you thought.

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